Unlock your confidence, boost your energy and reconnect with your younger self

The 40-Day Diva

Starting March 13, 2022

Are you feeling exhausted, always putting yourself last, experiencing some anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, lack of energy, and an overall lack of inspiration?

Do you notice a change in your sleeping or eating habits?

Is there a mean girl inside your head who keeps up the negative chatter?

Join our 40 day group program where you will be supported in igniting your inner light.

Over the course of this program you will create the vision you have for your life, explore healthier food options, find ways to move and exercise that align with your true nature and connect with your soul.

Find the confidence & motivation to live the life of your dreams

Boost your energy to feel 5 to 10 years younger

Find joy in everyday living

How much does it cost?

Sign up for $222 and receive a welcome email with links to the private Facebook group where you can introduce yourself and explore our program resources.

Tashya Knight

Tashya is a former educator with a Bachelor’s in Education and a Master’s in Health Promotion. After finishing her degree, she became a certified health education specialist (CHES). Combining this with her health coaching certification she has created programs, curriculums, lessons, and experiences on the subject matters of mindfulness, yoga, wellness, SEL, self-care, and empowerment.

Enrolling in a yoga teacher training allowed Tashya to do the hard work of healing herself by applying yoga philosophy, meditation, and aspects of her wellness coaching. She removed herself from toxic behaviors and relationships.

Using her own experiences, she has been able to create programs that empower women to thrive as their best selves. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where she continues to teach yoga, coach clients, and write about various wellness topics.

Shana Heatley

Shana Heatley is New Yorker and a native to Long Island’s east end, she holds a BSED from the State University of New Paltz in teaching and an MFA from Pratt Institute. She spent years dabbling in the visual and culinary arts until realizing her dream of a farm to table restaurant in the beautiful Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Unfortunately, this chapter came to an end during the financial collapse of 2009.

She picked up the pieces, recognizing that what had held her together for all those years of long hours and pressure in the food industry was yoga, meditation, and her love for healthy eating.

This became her full time focus, and by 2013 she was a 500 register Yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance, a Licensed Bodyworker, a trained Herbalist and a Reiki Practitioner. She has studied functional and integrative nutrition at IIN (Institute of Integrated Nutrition), is a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), and Certified Hypno-counselor with National Guild of Hypnotists. She is well versed in ancient theologies and eastern healing systems such as acupuncture and ayurveda.

Working with these philosophies, and integrating holistic nutrition, yoga and meditation is how she serves and supports her clients to heal and transform their lives. Shana currently lives in Northport, NY where she uses these healing modalities in her work as a Holistic Coach.

Is the 40-Day Diva for you?


  • Are motivated to make change
  • Want to live a better life
  • Want more energy
  • Want to move their bodies
  • Are in their 30s, 40s, 50s and want to feel more confidence
  • Crave more meaning in their life
  • Want to upgrade their diet and exercise
  • Are searching for connection with like-minded women
  • Feel stuck in their lives


  • Women not sure about changing
  • Those seeking medical advice
  • Those looking for individual program
  • Not looking to gain more energy or clarity in your life

What you’ll get:

  • Access to a weekly group Zoom meeting
  • A private Facebook community group
  • Video tutorials to watch during the week on your own
  • Daily activities to put concepts into practice
  • Workbook with journal prompts and activities
  • Weekly recipes
  • Fitness challenges


Where does the coaching program take place?

Private Facebook group, weekly Zoom meetings

Where does the coaching program take place?

Private Facebook group, weekly Zoom meetings

How long is the program?

40 days (about 6 weeks)

What will I need?

Open mind, at least 2 hours a week, journal, writing materials, Zoom, Facebook account

Is there a refund policy?

Do to the nature of the program and the live content, once the program begins there are no refunds. If you choose not to complete the 40 days you are doing so of your own free will. 

What will happen if I can’t attend the Zoom session?

 The Zoom session will be recorded and emailed out.


What will happen if I can’t attend the Zoom session?

 The Zoom session will be recorded and emailed out.


What if I can’t complete all the activities?

This program is personal for you so you can do what resonates with you and go at your own pace.

Ready to make 2022 your Diva year?