Healthy Schools,

Healthy Minds

A School Community Program for Students and Staff

13-week Wellness program based in Yoga, Mindfulness, and SEL

30-45 minute mindfulness sessions for students:

  • Kid/teen friendly yoga postures
  • Breathing techniques to help with anxiety and stress
  • Short, guided meditations
  • SEL focused
  • Journal exercises
  • Stories and activities
  • Trauma-informed classes

Schedule options: Classes can be held during the school day and cover a class period which would allow for several classes to receive a session each day.
Classes can also be spread out over 2 days if needed.
Sessions can also happen in the after-school space. 

Staff Wellness Sessions

  • 30-60 minute yoga or meditation sessions
  • 60 minute workshop on a variety of topics
    • Staff self-care
    • Recovering from burnout
    • Nutrition & exercise
    • Assessing school staff SEL
    • Other wellness topics discussed with school

Schedule options: These sessions can be held during teacher professional development or other scheduled meeting times.

Additional components:

  • Assist with establishing a School Wellness Council
  • Family yoga evening or Family wellness with nutrition education/cooking 

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