I really enjoy exercising, well when I’m actually doing it, I enjoy it. However I find it hard to stay motivated to exercise all the time. I’ll begin a new routine, then my schedule becomes overwhelmed with different jobs I have or I choose to meet friends for dinner, have an event, schedule a date and before I know it I’ve skipped a day or a few days here and there. Eventually I have abandoned the fitness routine all together.

As someone who works in the wellness field, it’s important for me to be healthy and fit. I had to find a way to keep working out as a daily habit. I thought about other areas of my life where I stayed focused and motivated. How could I apply this to my fitness life? I’ve come up with a few strategies I hope will help.

1-State a Goal

Goals are important motivators as they force us to stay on track to achieve something we want. When we set a specific goal we can measure our progress over time rather than a general goal that doesn’t provide concrete results. I’ve decided to train for a Tough Mudder in the spring of next year. Over the next few months I’ll work on getting stronger to participate by exploring different exercise class so I can get in better shape. This is something important to me where I’ve set a time frame that I’m working towards. I’m focused on accomplishing this goal and proving to myself I can do it.

2-Find a support system

Having someone hold us accountable means we have to show up. When we have people in our corner, we can move mountains and transform our lives. I have three other women who have decided to compete with me. This is my fitness squad. These ladies believe in me and each other so I can’t fail with them by my side. As a group we will push each other to work harder and send encouragement on a tough day. They motivate me to be better. I have to show up every day because I can’t let them down.

3-Create a schedule

I thrive so much better in life when I have a schedule. I also really love planning and making lists. Obviously this tip is a no-brainer for me. Since I’m training with a group, we can plan to take classes together, which gives me a schedule of workout times I can’t miss. I’m also a huge fan of working out at home. I’m currently obsessed with PIYO. When I’m not taking classes with my fitness squad, I can exercise at home. I’ve printed blank calendars where I can write out my workouts on different days. I also make lists of the body areas I need to work on each week so that I’m reaching my goals. A Tough Mudder may seem daunting, but I know I’m ready for the challenge.

4-Reward yourself

All too often we are so focused on the grind it takes to accomplish a goal, especially in fitness, that we forget to have a little fun with it too. I like to take time to give myself a break or something I enjoy. Building in self-care time, buying something special, or going out to a nice dinner shows that we care about ourselves and are proud of our accomplishments. Complimenting myself keeps me going.

These tips can also apply to other areas in life where we need to stay focused and motivated. Once we set that goal, create the schedule and find our support we can reap the rewards and feel good. What are you motivated to try this week?

Wellness Wednesday,