When I first moved to New York City, I worked a couple different jobs, sometimes going from one to the other. I thought to myself that this wasn’t how I should live my life. I thought I needed a “real” job. So eventually I tried that 9-5, quickly realizing that wasn’t for me at all.

Over the past year as I have been working on grad school, I have also been learning how to embrace a more freelance lifestyle and create the life I want, one that also makes me happy. I’ve realized I found my purpose in teaching children’s nutrition education classes and decided to walk that path. The moment I did this and gave in, the jobs just seemed to pop up and find me. I soon found myself working 5 or 6 jobs and this time I thought this suited my personality way more than sitting at a desk job.

In the past few months I have heard the term gig economy more and more. Now I’m not overly fond of this term but I understand it’s point. As many people leave jobs to try their hand at being an entrepreneur or I see a few friends with more than one job, I see the value in living life on your terms. There are so many different jobs that why not share your talents and skills in a few places. I love the fact I’m able to move around this city working in ways that help others and make me happy. Maybe this new way of working can help the economy grow and create a fulfilled and satisfied population.

My concern though, is this sustainable? More importantly, is it sustainable for myself? I don’t have health insurance or a retirement plan or job stability. However, what I do have is happiness, joy, being of service, helping others, and creating change. Maybe that’s all I need at the moment.

As I graduate soon and I’m asked by friends where I go from here, I’m not sure I have the answer. I’m just taking it one day at a time and welcoming the jobs as they arrive because we never know where life will take us.

Wellness Wednesday,