Happy Halloween-Let’s Play!


As children we always seemed to have plenty of time to play. We used to live in the land of make-believe, using our imaginations and being creative. As adults our times of play are few and far between. However, I don’t think we need to do away with all of our childish ways completely.

When I was younger and even still now, I’ve always been one to love dressing up, wearing costumes, and dressing for a theme. Maybe that’s why I like that part of Halloween the most. This is when I feel connected to that child-like part of me that still hangs around sometimes. How can we then use Halloween as an opportunity to contemplate how we can add more fun and playtime into our adult lives? I’m not saying you have to dress up and go trick-or-treating, I mean you can if you want to!

What I’m talking about is thinking about the stuff you enjoyed doing as a child. Play a board game, (maybe even host a game night), complete a puzzle, watch movies or cartoons, go to the park, swing on the swing set, color in a coloring book, draw, etc. The point is to do something that feels carefree for an hour or two, taking your mind off of all the adult stress that has been weighing you down.

Giving yourself this break will allow you some time to breathe, relax, smile, and have some fun. You are then better able to approach your projects with a different perspective and probably be more productive. So turn off your technology and go play a little.    Happy Halloween!

Wellness Wednesday,


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As a writer, speaker, educator and coach my goal is to help guide people on their own journey to making a wellness lifestyle work for them.

My holistic approach teaches that it’s not just about the nutrition we put into our bodies or our fitness routine, we also need to take care of our own well-being as well.In order to truly live a healthier life we need to realize this is a shift and change in our whole lifestyle and we must cultivate this lifestyle every day.

I’ve learned that getting to this point is not easy and that’s why I’ve made it my mission to help others achieve this healthy and balanced lifestyle for themselves.

It’s not about being on a diet or trying the latest workout trend.

This is about changing your life forever.