Sometimes it can be hard for us to be proud of ourselves. We tend to focus on the negative instead of recognizing all we have managed to accomplish in our lives.

I have been thinking about this issue of having pride in myself as I have finished grad school. This was a huge undertaking that I do not view lightly. I worked very hard for this goal, putting in all my effort. While doing so, I also had to let some other things fall to the side, which has brought me back to that ever constant topic of “having it all.” I do feel pride in myself for completing grad school and maybe I can have it all, just not all at the same time.

This past month while reaching the end of school I wasn’t able to focus as much on my writing. I needed to work on school projects and also setting up some jobs. I was working about 6 or 7 different jobs along with finishing classes. This didn’t leave much time for writing. That doesn’t mean I gave up on that dream, it just means something else had to come first at the time. I’m not mad at myself for setting that aside. I’m proud I recognized my limitations in that moment. I’m still working that busy schedule with all those jobs, but now I can fit my writing and blogging back in. I’m still able to stay true to myself knowing there will always be a give and take with life as I work towards achieving my dreams and reaching my goals.

This week, think about all the accomplishments you can be proud of. I also ask you this-how can you “have it all” with what you have right now in your life? Carpe Diem!

Wellness Wednesday,