I’m not really a gym person even though I am an exercise person. I actually enjoy working out most of the time. However I don’t want to do my workout in a gym or use a bunch of equipment. So instead I purchase exercise DVDs and move the coffee table in my small Brooklyn living room to give myself some space each time I workout.

Exercising at home can also be the motivator I need. I don’t have an excuse not to workout when it’s in my own home. There are days I arrive home exhausted, force myself to change my clothes and complete an exercise routine. I know if I sit down first then it will never happen and after I’m done I always feel amazing. Now of course there are times I’m home too late or I have an event after work, but otherwise I make the exercise a priority.

I used to be a big fan of Tae Bo, I mean who wasn’t?! I think that’s where my love of at-home workouts first began. I do take a dance class outside of my home, but most days it’s just popping in that DVD. The fitness instructors I follow now are, Chalene Johnson and Jillian Michaels. I have become obsessed with PIYO as it’s one of the best fitness routines I’ve ever done. It combines yoga and pilates moves into one comprehensive workout with a lot of movement that really works to tone all your muscles. I’ve always wanted to try kickboxing but haven’t found a class yet, so instead I use Jillian Michaels kickboxing DVD mixing up the section I use so I can target different areas of the body. I also use her yoga meltdown which has helped to tone my arms with her yoga push-ups!

I create a calendar each month, deciding which day I will use each workout so that I have a variety in my routine. It’s important to target different muscles along with using a combination of cardio, strength training and stretching. If the reason you haven’t started exercising is because you don’t like the gym or can’t find a class then I recommend you start with purchasing a DVD. Maybe you want to start slow so you get a yoga DVD. The point is, there are easy ways to workout right in your own home.

I also have a set of small hand weights and ankle weights. These are very easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Not to mention, good old fashioned squats and push-ups. We don’t need any of that fancy equipment when we can use our own body weight instead.

All you need to do is buy that DVD and those weights, then create the routine that works best for you. So what are you waiting for? Get off the couch and move your body! Need some help or motivation? Feel free to contact me or follow me on Instagram for more inspiration.

Wellness Wednesday,