Spring into Action


The first three months of the year have gone by, which means we’ve completed a quarter of 2019 so far. We are now entering the spring season, a time of renewal. This is when we start to shake off those winter blues. I also like to use it as a time to check-in with the progress I’ve made towards the goals I’m working on for the year.

As we start to open the windows and do some spring cleaning, let’s also review the goals we’ve set for ourselves this year. Were they specific enough? Did they have a time frame? Are they realistic? You don’t have to reach your goals all at once, after all we still have nine months left to go. However, have you taken action steps that are inching you closer to attaining your dreams?

In order to start this, pull out the goal list you made at the beginning of the year. Read over each goal, checking to see of this is still something that applies to you. Sometimes our goals can change as we take different actions or life changes. Reflect on the past three months and decide what you can do differently to be more in alignment with your goals. If you have been making progress, create new action steps to advance you forward.

In reviewing my goals, I noticed that I’m still in the middle of completing most of them as their end date is further down the year. I use this time to remind myself to stay focused as I’m closer to those objectives than I was before. I’m creating new action steps based on where I am now. Be grateful for the steps you have taken and continue to stay on track. If you have completed some of your goals, congratulate yourself and then think of new ones you can add to the list or shift your focus to the ones that remain. It’s easy to lose focus now that the excitement of the new year has worn off, but if we want to create lasting change then we need to continue striving throughout the year.

If you didn’t set goals at the beginning of the year, you can start now. Same rules apply, take a piece of paper, sit quietly and think of what you would like to accomplish this year, be specific, give it a time frame, be realistic with yourself. Then once you have your goals, create the action steps to take you there.

These past three months have been all about growth and progress for me. I’m not entirely where I want to be, but I have taken enough actions to put me on the path that will lead me there. I’m extremely proud of myself over these past three months and will continue to work hard as I know all of this will eventually pay off. Stay true to yourself and your dreams because you CAN create the life you want.

Wellness Wednesday,


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As a writer, speaker, educator and coach my goal is to help guide people on their own journey to making a wellness lifestyle work for them.

My holistic approach teaches that it’s not just about the nutrition we put into our bodies or our fitness routine, we also need to take care of our own well-being as well.In order to truly live a healthier life we need to realize this is a shift and change in our whole lifestyle and we must cultivate this lifestyle every day.

I’ve learned that getting to this point is not easy and that’s why I’ve made it my mission to help others achieve this healthy and balanced lifestyle for themselves.

It’s not about being on a diet or trying the latest workout trend.

This is about changing your life forever.