You SPIN me round


So here we are once again, me stepping out of my comfort zone. Or should I say spinning out?! I’ve never taken a spin class before, although I have been intrigued. The opportunity just hasn’t presented itself though, as I usually exercise at home or take a dance class. Well that all changed this past weekend!

I work with the non-profit, PowerPlay NYC empowering high school girls through sports, fitness and leadership skills. As I’m encouraging these girls to continue to grow, this organization is pushing me as well. Partnering with Nike, they hosted a Spiked Spin class on Saturday morning. I was asked to volunteer and as a way to hang out with and support my girls, I said yes.

Little did I know what this “yes” would entail. I’ve heard stories about a spin class, and I’ve seen those that have taken it drenched in sweat, so of course my nerves were a little high. I exercise regularly but it’s more yoga, PIYO, a dance class and less full-on cardio. I, of course kept my smile on, showing more confidence than I felt as we calmly climbed on our bikes, had our seats adjusted and waited for it to begin.

The music started with an upbeat hip hop rhythm and we were off. No slow buildup here, we went straight up out of the seat pedaling as fast as we could. I tried to go full out, but I couldn’t settle into the movements properly of pedaling a stationary bike and gain my stride. I didn’t give up though, even as I felt my thighs burning. Didn’t she say this was a beginner class? Wasn’t this the warm-up? I think we might have different definitions of those words.

I’m not one to shy away from a challenge but I do know my own limitations. There were a couple times in the beginning where I had to sit back down before it was time, but it’s better that I listened to my body rather than causing injury. However even if I wasn’t up out of that seat, I always kept my legs moving.  I eventually settled in and found my rhythm pedaling at a speed I could handle and even my thighs stopped screaming after a while. I was sweating, I was tired, I was thirsty, my chest and throat were burning, but I pushed through all the way to the end.

Stepping off that bike I felt accomplished even if my legs felt like jelly. I enjoyed the music, the burn, the encouragement from our very enthusiastic instructor, and the sense of community we had built together in that room. We may have all entered the same room together, but I know we each took away a different experience. My thighs were very sore the next day and even the day after that as I did yoga. So, would I go again? That is a very hard “maybe.”

Wellness Wednesday,




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As a writer, speaker, educator and coach my goal is to help guide people on their own journey to making a wellness lifestyle work for them.

My holistic approach teaches that it’s not just about the nutrition we put into our bodies or our fitness routine, we also need to take care of our own well-being as well.In order to truly live a healthier life we need to realize this is a shift and change in our whole lifestyle and we must cultivate this lifestyle every day.

I’ve learned that getting to this point is not easy and that’s why I’ve made it my mission to help others achieve this healthy and balanced lifestyle for themselves.

It’s not about being on a diet or trying the latest workout trend.

This is about changing your life forever.