Last week we discussed setting goals for the new year and many of you have those lists going. However I’m sure there is still a group out there without any idea where to begin. People are given numerous reports and sent different messages about what they should be doing to be healthy or which areas of wellness to focus on. This leads to confusion and overwhelm for many.

Well I have news for you-this is YOUR life. The great thing about a wellness lifestyle is, you make it work for you! The goals we set for the year are for bettering our own selves. A wellness lifestyle is about creating a shift and change in your overall daily life of wellness. It’s not about trying the latest fitness trend or a new diet. Its about adopting healthy habits that will sustain you through the year and beyond.

The key to doing this is trying out what interests you. When it comes to exercise, don’t choose something you dread because you won’t continue with it, instead choose something you enjoy or at least don’t mind doing. Personally, I don’t like running so I don’t do it. I do however love dancing, yoga, and PIYO, so I do those instead. The same can be said about what we eat. There are so many diets and eating plans out there, but you have to choose the one that nourishes you, gives you energy and makes you feel good. We shouldn’t have to give up everything we like, just be more conscious about our choices. I prefer smoothies over juicing, now this doesn’t make me any less healthy. It’s just my preference and what I enjoy on my own health and wellness journey.

Other areas in wellness to consider are; job satisfaction, self-care, practicing gratitude, attempting meditation and surrounding yourself with a positive community. What we eat and how we move our body is very important to our physical health but these other areas also help with our mental health, which contributes to our overall state of wellness and well-being. Through trial and error I am learning what works for me in building my own wellness lifestyle and will share with you what I have discovered as time goes on.

I encourage you to take some time this week to think about shifts you can make in your lifestyle that will result in you being healthier, no matter how small the change. Instead of viewing it as taking something out of your life, view it as adding in something to enhance your life and health. In the end this is all about how YOU can be healthy and at your best. If you need any guidance, please feel free to reach out as I’m always here to support you.

Wellness Wednesday